Lori comes to you with a wealth of experience and knowledge about Hoboken from being a wife,

mother of three boys, and community activist for more than 25 years. All three boys have attended

neighborhood schools, and Lori has played an active part in their education every step of the way, from

fund-raising to upgrading school-room resources to expanding the curriculum to dual languages to

meet modern needs. She has also played a vital role in the acclaimed, family-operated development

group Red Bridge Homes, which has built quite a number of premier, award-winning private homes and

apartment buildings around Hoboken. Not surprisingly, the family’s table talk at dinner time frequently

revolves around the housing business, schools, and local happenings.

Previously, Lori was a flight attendant with American Airlines, and that  invaluable experience allowed her to travel the world. She has also been  an active member of numerous charitable organizations, including Friends  of HOLA, HOPES, Jubilee Center, UNICEF, Wings, and much more. She strongly believes in giving back to the community. 

Lori has now joined forces with Giovanni Maramonte’s team to help create  a vast network devoted to helping everyone to find just the home that’s right for them in Hoboken, her hometown. 

Lori Farace Heidenry